A relatively new discipline, motion graphics began with

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Many contemporary photographers use new _______ technology, exemplified by Jeff Wall’s Boy Falls from a Tree.


One of Russian filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein’s major contributions to film was his skilled use of


One of the earliest forms of photographic images was a:


Oskar Fischinger’s Circles is considered to be the first

experimental film

Perfecting the photographic process, Louis Daguerre was able to include _______ in his photographs, as seen in his 1839 photo Le Boulevard du Temple.


The phenomenon in which the human brain retains a visual image for a fraction of a second longer than the human eye records it is known as

persistence of vision

The word photography literally means


This early filmmaker pioneered many special effects, such as dissolves between scenes and time-lapse photography, as seen in his Voyage to the Moon

George Melies

Which artist is known for the five-part series of films, the CREMASTER Cycle?

Matthew Barney

Which element of Margaret Bourke-White’s Louisville Flood Victims might fit Cartier-Bresson’s notion of the decisive moment?

billboard message

Which is an example of a Surrealist film?

An Andalusian Dog

Which term applies to William Eggleston’s Untitled (Nehi Bottle on Car Hood)?

color photography

_______ was an early advocate of photography as an art form. He/she opened a gallery in New York City in 1905.


Another word for typeface


An identifying mark or trademarks


Short lines at the top or bottom strokes of a letter.


Non-italic letters

Roman letters

A 2009 building in Japan broke new ground by integrating into its façade a

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A relatively new discipline, motion graphics began with

titles sequences for Hollywood movies

Although color photographic film was available to artists in the early twentieth century, many preferred black-and-white film because it was less expensive and less susceptible to technical problems, and because color prints:

tended to fade over time

Ansel Adams’ concerns are largely ______.


Björk’s album Biophilia was released

as a series of iPad apps

Director Ridley Scott states that his creative process is strongly aided by


Donald Meeker was instrumental in updating the font of

white-on-green freeway signs

Eadweard Muybridge is known for

photographing people and animals in motion

Film noir originated in


Heidi Cody’s American Alphabet is a set of light boxes that feature the isolated first letters of American


In filmmaking, each unbroken sequence of movie frames, with the camera still rolling, is called a


Jacob Riis’s photograph Five Cents a Spot is an example of a photograph being used for ________.

social reform

Jane and Louise Wilson’s The Silence is Twice as Fast Backwards I demonstrates all of the following except:

the camera never lies

Julia Margaret Cameron’s Paul and Virginia is an example of how many nineteenth-century photographers were influenced by_____, in choosing to photograph her subject in a close-up shot and with carefully controlled lighting to enhance the atmosphere.

portrait painters

This artist is best known for incorporating video and electronic media in his/her artwork, as can be seen in Video Flag Z.

Nam June Paik

Film depends on a phenomenon called ________________, in which the human brain retains an image for a fraction of a second longer than the eye, making everything we see seem continuous and uninterrupted.

persistence of vision

Graphic design is a creative process employing art and technology to

communicate ideas, sell products, delight our senses

This artist used photographs of U.S. National Parks to increase public awareness of the beauty of nature.

Ansel Adams

An Andalusian Dog was created by the Surrealists Luis Brunuel and:

Salvador Dali

Alfred Stieglitz

Spring Showers, New York, 1901

Orson Welles

Citizen Kane, 1941

Margaret Bourke-White

Louisville Flood Victims, 1938

Michael Beirut

Saks Fifth Avenue Logo, 2007

Jamie Reid

God Save The Queen, 1977

Eadweard Muybridge

The Horse in Motion, 1878

Jacob Riis

Five Cents a Spot, 1890

Matthew Barney

Cremaster 3, 2002




motion graphics

Voyage to the Moon

time-lapse photography


digital video

Literally meaning "dark room," this was a forerunner of the modern camera.

camera obscura

Objects are placed on light sensitive paper and exposed to sunlight


Photos arranged to tell a story or convey a mood.


Invented in 1936, an early color film