Grey cat with white paws breed

If you're stuck between wanting to cuddle a gorgeous gray cat and a snuggle a milky white feline, don't fret: There are tons of stunning gray and white cat breeds that can give you the the best of both worlds. When it comes to these salt and pepper kitties, you can find both short and longhaired breeds with a wide range of different patterns and personalities. So whether you're looking to adopt a low-maintenance companion or a frisky feline to rule your home, we're sure there's a cat breed that fits the bill.


Grey cat with white paws breed

grey and white Persian cat laying on a white bed


One of the most recognizable and popular cat breeds, the Persian has a long history dating back to the 1600s. Their signature long coat comes in many colors—including white, gray, silver, and cream. Because of their thick coats and flat faces, Persians are a bit high-maintenance, requiring daily brushing and eye wiping to keep them healthy.

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British Longhair

Grey cat with white paws breed

grey and white British Longhair cat laying on a bed

Alexander Donin / Getty

An adorable cross between a British shorthair and a Persian, the British longhair is an incredibly loyal and loving breed with a teddy bear-like look. Their dense coat comes in many different colors, from gray and silver to chocolate to lilac. Because of their long locks, British longhairs require a regular grooming routine to keep their mane under control.


Grey cat with white paws breed

Ragdoll Cat

Luxurious Ragdoll / Shutterstock

The signature bright blue ragdoll eyes offer a stunning a pop of color against their fluffy gray and white coat. This popular medium-sized breed are affectionate, smart, and playful and are often seen snuggling with their owners in bed. While they have a long coat, it's easy to maintain with regular combing.

Maine Coon

Grey cat with white paws breed

Maine Coon Cat

Alexandra Jursova / Getty

If you love a large cat, the Maine coon is right up your alley. Their big-boned body combined with their luscious, long hair make them tower over most other domestic felines. That dense coat comes in a variety of stunning colors—including gray and white of course.

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Norwegian Forest Cat

Grey cat with white paws breed

a grey and white Norwegian Forest Cat soaking up the sun in front of a window

Patryk / Adobe Stock

Norwegian forest cats are affectionate, calm companions who want to be friends with everyone they meet. The breed is large and active, so they need a good amount of space to run and play. Their long locks come in an array of colors, including silver and white, and require a regular brushing routine.

American Wirehair

Grey cat with white paws breed

grey and white American Wirehair cat laying a tiled floor

OlgaOvcharenko / Shutterstock

American wirehair cats have a unique crimped coat that is considered somewhat hypoallergenic, making them a strong match for allergy-prone cat parents (though sadly no cats are truly allergen-free). Their coats can come in many colors and patterns and requires less grooming than most cats, but more bathing.

American Shorthair

Grey cat with white paws breed

white american shorthair lying down with a toy

Somkiat / Adobe Stock Because they were bred for centuries to be ratters, American shorthair cats still have a high prey drive. But today, they're more likely to hunt toys than vermin.

If you can't stop dreaming of a gray and white tabby cat, the American shorthair might be the fit for you. The breed's short, dense coat is easy to maintain, matching their friendly and easy-going attitude. And while they look like their mixed breed cousin, the more common domestic shorthair, the American shorthair's traits are generally more predictable.

Exotic Shorthair

Grey cat with white paws breed

exotic shorthair orange eyes lying down

tuelekza / Adobe Stock

Exotic shorthairs blend an adorable smooshy face with an easy-to-keep medium coat, often taking the nickname of the "lazy man's Persian." According to the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA), the breed was first developed in the 1950s with a goal of creating a silver American shorthair that looked a Persian. Looks like that attempt was successful!

Scottish Fold

Grey cat with white paws breed

grey and white Scottish Fold cat laying on table

afar / Getty Imageseu

Instantly recognizable with their adorable round head and folded ears, Scottish folds are a sweet breed with lots to offer. Their low-maintenance size and fur makes them blend into almost any family seamlessly. And if you still need more convincing: Even Taylor Swift is the proud parent to two gray and white Scottish folds named Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson!

Cornish Rex

Grey cat with white paws breed

grey and white Cornish Rex with blue eyes closeup

brudertack69 / Adobe Stock

This smaller, slender breed has a distinctive look all the way from their huge ears and bug eyes down to their short, velvety coat. Cornish rex cats are incredibly curious and playful, making a perfect fit for cat lovers looking for a high-energy companion. Their coats come in a range of colors, but are often gray and cream.

Egyptian Mau

Grey cat with white paws breed

Egyptian Mau cat lying on couch

Sarah Fields Photography / Shutterstock

Known for their uniquely natural spotted coat—the only one recognized by the CFA—Egyptian maus are typically white with darker gray stripes and spots. But the striking breed has more to offer than its gorgeous short coat. These cats have a fascinating history as an Egyptian breed and an affectionate, loyal personality.

European Shorthair

Grey cat with white paws breed

grey and white striped European Shorthair laying on the sidewalk

Studio 888 / Adobe Stock

Commonly found in households across Europe, the European shorthair is a low-maintenance feline with a friendly attitude. While they're incredibly loyal, they love to roam outside, so they should be carefully watched while near open windows or cracked doors. The breed's coat comes in countless colors and coats, but a popular combination is a silver tabby.

What breed is a grey and white cat?

Persian. One of the most recognizable and popular cat breeds, the Persian has a long history dating back to the 1600s. Their signature long coat comes in many colors—including white, gray, silver, and cream.

What kind of cat has white paws?

The Snowshoe is a breed of cat originating in the United States of America in the 1960s. Snowshoes were first produced in Philadelphia when a Siamese breeder's cat gave birth to three kittens with white feet.

What do you name a grey cat with white paws?

These names are perfect for gray-and-white cats of all kinds..

How do I know what breed my grey cat is?

To tell what breed your cat is with absolute certainty, you need a cat DNA test. These kits use your kitty's DNA (obtained through a cheek swab) to decode his genetics and give you in-depth information on his lineage.