How long does it take to get offer letter after verbal

After successfully applying for a job and going through the interview process, the hiring manager says the phrase you’ve been hoping to hear. “We want to offer you the job!” But what happens when several days have passed and you still haven’t received the offer letter? Do you follow up to ask when you can expect it or just sit tight waiting for the email?

Here are the steps to take if you have a verbal offer but not a written one.

Send a follow-up note asking for a timeframe

If it’s been over 48 hours and you still haven’t received a formal offer, contact the hiring manager to express your enthusiasm about the offer and to ask about the status. Keep your note short and to the point, and be specific about what you’re asking.

Say something like:

“Dear Ms. Blocs,

Thank you so much again offering me the social media coordinator position. I’m very excited about the role and looking forward to being part of the team at XYZ company.

One quick question: When can I expect to receive the offer letter? I’d love to review it and understand the timeline by which I must make my decision.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you again,

Understand what might be causing the delay

Waiting for a job offer can be nerve wracking, especially when you’re not sure of the exact timeframe. A good way to stay calm is to understand some common reasons for a delay. These can include things like the time it takes to coordinate between different departments or the fact that a key member of the team may be away and unable to offer their approval until they return. Whatever the case, there are likely to be several reasons why the offer letter hasn’t arrived yet that have nothing to do with you personally. Sending the follow-up note is a great way to address these issues directly and to get the hiring manager to give you some clarity about the hold up.

Keep going with your job search

Another key thing to do while waiting for the offer letter is to keep going with your job search. Since job offers do occasionally fall apart before an offer letter is sent out, it’s important to keep your options open by continuing to apply to jobs and to go on interviews. This will ensure that you’re not losing momentum in your job search and that you’re able to move on quickly if the offer doesn’t come through. Added bonus: You might get a second job offer in the process.

Although waiting for an offer letter can definitely cause some anxiety, by following these steps you’ll be sure to stay on top of the process and to get hired as quickly as possible.

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Hi! I received a verbal offer from a BB. I would like to know how long do people usually have to wait in order to get the offer letter?

At what point in time, should someone contact the HR to follow up with the situation?

Also, if US students who will be working in Europe or they have to wait longer compared to getting the offer letter within the states?

What time should I expect between a verbal offer and formal offer letter?

This question can vary a great deal based on the employer and how busy HR is at the given time.

User @PowerMonkey", an investment banking vice president, explained that:

My physical offer took about a month and a half to two months. I know people who have waited even longer. Generally different HR groups extend you an offer vs give you an offer letter vs do your training etc.

You should contact HR and determine how long till they send it and how they intend to do so. Its easy enough to do so under the guise of checking to make sure they have the correct address.

Some people receive their letter same day as @lou", an investment banking analyst, did.

lou - Investment Banking Analyst:

I was given the official offer letter, day of the call.

This can also vary based on whether the letter is coming in the mail or via email. You should clarify with HR when you receive your offer about whether you will be receiving a paper or digital copy.

What should I do if the offer letter wasn't received?

When given the verbal offer - you should check to confirm when you will receive the formal offer letter. If the date they indicated has passed, wait another week (in order to avoid seeming too aggressive) and contact your human resources contact.

If you were not given a date - check in after a month indicating that you just wanted to double check the address that you gave HR as mentioned by @PowerMonkey", an investment banking vice president, above.

Several users shared the advice that you should not stop interviewing until you have the formal letter in your hand.


Don't get burned by stopping all your processes and then having a "glitch" or something come up. There is no downside to continuing in the process until the written letter is in your hands.

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How long should I wait to follow

Consider sending a follow-up email one or two business days after your interview. However, if your interview was later in the workday, consider waiting at least two days before following up with an email.

How long should I wait for an offer letter?

The sooner you hire someone, the better-quality candidate you get, on average. The average time it takes for candidates to hear back about a job offer is between 20 and 40 days after an interview, according to Glassdoor.

What to do after receiving a verbal offer?

Other things you'll want to keep in mind as you respond to a verbal offer: Say “thank you” for the offer. Make sure to listen carefully to what they have to say. They may give you some instructions to follow or essential details about the offer.

Can I get rejected after a verbal offer?

Verbal vs. Legally speaking, a job offer, whether verbal or in writing, is of no significance unless you have a contract of employment, since either of the parties can rescind such an offer. Job application and hiring processes differ from company to company.