Benefits of aloe vera on skin

Aloe vera is a plant of the cactus family, and is very popular for its cosmetic as well as medicinal properties. The transparent gel-like liquid, found in the inner part of the leaf is what gives this plant the amazing benefits. Since the aloe gel is made up of over 96% water, it is no wonder that the extracts of this plant have amazing moisturising and skin-healing properties. Additionally, the aloe vera plant is also a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins A, B, C and E. A lot of healing properties of this plant is also thanks to the presence of seven essential amino acids that strive hard to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Allow us to get you familiar with all the amazing benefits that aloe vera gel for face and how to use it to get flawless, smooth skin with not one blemish in sight. Read on to know the reasons you need aloe vera gel in your skincare regimen and how you can prepare simple homemade face masks with it to make the most out of its skin benefits...


Aloe vera benefits for skin

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

1. Moisturizes and heals dry and flaky skin

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

Aloe vera is known to be a natural moisturizer. It has hydrating properties and absorbs into the skin like magic. Even for oily and acne-prone skin, aloe vera has proved to be an excellent moisturizer because of its light texture.

2. Soothes irritated skin

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

Aloe vera gel has cooling properties which help soothe irritated skin affected by sunburn, rash, infection, redness, and itchiness. Thus, it makes for a super ingredient for sensitive skin. Also, its antifungal properties help in handling inflammation skin issues such as heat boils and cysts in summers. No wonder, aloe vera is a must-have summer skincare ingredient.

3. Helps with signs of ageing

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

As your skin ages, skin loses its elasticity and smile lines, crow’s feet and saggy neck are some of the aging signs that become more noticeable on the face. Aloe vera gel can help you deal with that. It helps your skin in retaining its moisture and gives back its radiance. Not only it reduces the visible wrinkles and fine lines on the face, but it also prevents premature aging of the skin by improving the elasticity of the skin and repairing skin cells.

4. Fights acne and fades blemishes

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

Thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera can help keep acne at bay. How? It prevents bacteria build-up that is the main cause of pimples and acne, and it also speeds up the healing process. Applying a small amount of aloe vera gel on the zit would help you get rid of it in no time. Not only that, but it also helps remove pesky acne scars and blemishes that acne leaves behind.

5. Removes dark circles and puffiness

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

The most annoying and unsightly dark circles that you thought you really can’t do much about. Good news—you can trust aloe vera for getting rid of. It is packed with antioxidant and vitamin E which help lighten discolouration around the eyes and the cooling effect helps with the puffiness, killing two birds with one stone. Applying aloe vera gel around the eyes at night would depuff eyes and fades dark circles away.

6. Treats sunburn

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

A great way to treat sunburnt skin is to apply fresh aloe vera gel to the affected area. The various vitamins and nutrients, coupled with the ultra calming properties of this gel help relieve and soothe sunburn in just a couple of days. But since sunburns are quite painful, it is better to protect your skin than treat it. Always wear SPF 30 or above to prevent the harmful rays of the sun from damaging your skin.

7. Treats eczema and psoriasis

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

One of the best benefits of aloe vera for skin is it's moisturizing and hydrating properties. This is what helps to moisturise dry skin, relieve itchiness, which is a very common symptom of eczema. Additionally, applying aloe vera gel every day helps to relieve the inflammation that comes with psoriasis and reduces itchiness.

8. Eliminates dead skin cells

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

Mixing a bit of aloe vera gel to your usual scrub is an excellent way to eliminate dead skin cells. Aloe vera gel prevents the stripping of the skin of it's natural oils and replenishes lost moisture. This will help your skin look really soft, supple and glowing.


How to use aloe vera gel for face

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

Now that you know why aloe vera is the solution is all your skin problems, we’re sure you can’t wait to try the wonder ingredient yourself to see the results. Take a look at five ways you can put the goodness of aloe vera to use and add it to your skincare regimen to get healthy, flawless skin.

1. Use fresh aloe vera gel directly on face

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

Cut a piece of aloe vera leaf, cut out thorns and rub it from the gel-side on the face. You can also scrape some sap from the leaves of the aloe vera plant using a knife to extract fresh aloe vera gel. The gel from two leaves would be enough.


  • Take out more if you need it.
  • Blend it or whisk to make it smooth and apply the mix onto the face and neck with the help of fingers before going to bed.
  • Leave it overnight and wash your face in the morning.

2. DIY aloe vera face mask for oily skin

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

For oily skin, here is an aloe mask that will help you zap excess oil from your skin and prevent acne.


  • Take some fresh aloe vera gel in a bowl and add 10-12 drops of tea tree oil.
  • Whisk it into a smooth paste.
  • Apply on the face, leave it overnight and wash in the morning.
  • Apply twice a week.

3. DIY aloe vera face mask for dry skin

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

To turn dry and dull skin into plump and supple one, prepare a face mask using aloe vera gel, honey and cucumber. These three ingredients are hydrating agents and when applied on the face, leave your skin soft and glowing.


  • Blend one cucumber and add 1 tablespoon of honey and aloe vera gel both into it.
  • Apply the mixture and leave it for 20 minutes and wash off.

4. DIY aloe vera face mask for normal/sensitive skin

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

A face mask made with aloe vera gel and banana is a moisturizing and brightening face mask that works for every type of skin, especially normal and sensitive. It relieves skin from rash and itchiness and improves skin elasticity.


  • Mash one banana into a bowl and add two tablespoons of aloe vera gel and few drops of rose water.
  • Mix well and apply on face.
  • Wash when it dries and moisturize. 

5. Use aloe vera infused skincare products

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

Another way of employing aloe vera gel in your skincare is to use skincare products that have aloe vera gel in them. Wash your face with an aloe-infused face wash such as Lever Ayush Aloe vera Oil Clear Face Wash. Use that protects your skin from pollution, while giving your skin the moisture of aloe.

You can try a moisturizer such as which has the goodness of aloe vera gel and SPF 20 protects you from UV rays all day and keeps skin hydrated. For dry and chapped lips, rely on Vaseline aloe vera lip balm to give your smooth, pink lips, no matter how hot and humid it is outside.

6. Soothe sunburns with aloe vera

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

Since aloe vera gel is cooling in nature, it’s excellent for soothing sunburns. The anti-inflammatory benefits of the plant are to be thanked for this. In addition, aloe vera gel also acts as a natural moisturiser for the skin, thus calming it.

Sunburns may sometimes cause peeling of the skin, which is most unpleasant, and if you experience the same, then you’ll be glad to know that aloe vera gel can help you out! It prevents the peeling, making the sunburn experience a lot less unpleasant.

7. Fade dark circles using aloe vera gel

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

If you’re plagued by dark circles and tired of trying different home remedies, then aloe vera is what you need to try! The gel works like magic for nearly all skin problems. Rich in aloesin, aloe vera gel reduces pigmentation on the skin. This helps reduce dark circles and keeps the skin around the eyes hydrated.


  • Every night before you sleep, massage aloe vera gel in circular motions and let it work on your skin.
  • Wash it off the following day and continue this till your dark circles fade.

8. Keep wrinkles at bay with aloe vera

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

Did you know that aloe vera has been used traditionally as a natural anti-ageing treatment? Yes, that’s right. Along with banishing dark circles, aloe vera gel is equally effective in getting rid of wrinkles. Aloe vera helps in increasing the production of collagen in the body, which reduces signs of ageing. It decreases wrinkles and tightens the skin. Just massage aloe vera on the skin.


  • To accentuate it, add some almond oil with the gel to reduce wrinkles and pigmentation under the eyes.

9. Use aloe vera for reducing itchiness

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

Itching on the skin can be irritable, and if you’re tired of trying out different ointments, then the gel of this long-leaved plant is a great natural solution! Since it keeps the skin hydrated, it keeps itching at bay.

Moreover, aloe vera is also known to reduce infection and heal promotion, and both of these benefits are really helpful when you have itchy skin. Just apply it to the affected areas as often as you like.

10. Say goodbye to acne scars with aloe vera

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

Since aloesin in aloe vera gel reduces pigmentation on the skin, aloe vera is an excellent remedy for getting rid of acne scars. Moreover, it also reduces inflammation which is one of the causes of acne scars.


  • If you have mild acne, you can spot-treat by applying aloe vera gel on the scars.
  • You can also prepare a mask using aloe vera gel, honey, and ground cinnamon.
  • Let it sit on your face for 5-10 mins and wash it off.
  • Repeat till your scars fade away.

Side effects of aloe vera

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

Since aloe vera is so ubiquitous and used by almost everyone for various DIY ideas, it’s surprising to think that it might have any side effects. Generally considered safe when used topically, aloe vera gel must be avoided if you have any severe burns or significant wounds.

Some might even experience burning or itching after applying aloe vera gel, so it really depends on your skin. Aloe vera gel must also not be applied on infected skin as it can interrupt the healing process.


FAQs about benefits of aloe vera

Benefits of aloe vera on skin

Q. Can we apply aloe vera on face daily?

A. Yes, definitely. Aloe vera gel is made up of 80% water, coupled with a lot of vitamins, nutrients and minerals, all of which work to make your skin appear really soft and glowing. This is why it is also completely safe to be used every single day.

Q. Can I leave aloe vera on my face overnight?

A. Yes, aloe vera gel is completely safe to be kept on your face overnight. You can replace your regular moisturizer with aloe vera gel and wake up to soft, nourished and glowing skin.

Q. Can aloe vera gel remove dark spots?

A. Aloe vera gel is an excellent remedy to get rid of pigmentation, dark spots and blemishes. All you need to do is apply a little aloe gel all on the affected area and leave it on overnight. You will see a dramatic reduction in just a few days. 

Q. How to make aloe vera gel at home?

A. Preparing aloe vera gel at home is pretty simple, but it can get a bit messy! Firstly, cut one leaf off the plant. Wash it well and cut the leaf in half. Scoop out the aloe vera extract using a spoon and blend it to form aloe vera gel.

Q. Is homemade aloe vera gel safe?

A. Yes, homemade aloe vera gel is absolutely safe. You can store it in the refrigerator for 10 days.

Q. How long does it take for aloe vera to remove pimples?

A. Depending on your skin and acne, aloe vera can cure pimples for some in a week and for others in a month. If you have severe acne, it’s evident that it’ll take longer to heal the acne and the scars.

Q. How can I use aloe vera gel in my skincare routine?

A. Aloe vera can be used as a natural moisturiser if you have dry or itchy skin. It can also be used as an excellent anti-ageing remedy by applying it to your face before you head to bed. You can also use it as a face mask by combining it with different ingredients such as honey, cinnamon, or yoghurt.

What does aloe vera do for your face?

Using aloe vera on the face can help moisturize skin. Regularly applying a small amount of aloe vera to the face can help treat various skin conditions, including acne, eczema, and sunburn. A person can use the gel directly from an aloe vera plant or buy a bottled variety from a health store.

Does aloe vera lighten skin?

Aloe vera contains aloin, a natural depigmenting compound that has been shown to lighten skin and work effectively as a nontoxic hyperpigmentation treatment, according to a 2012 study. To use: Apply pure aloe vera gel to pigmented areas before bedtime. Rinse using warm water the next morning.

Can we apply aloe vera on face daily?

It helps in moisturising, removing dead skin cells, treating acne, sunburn, etc. Can we apply aloe vera on the face daily? Yes. You can apply aloe vera gel daily on the face and even twice a day.

Can I leave aloe vera on my face overnight?

By purchasing pure aloe vera and applying it generously to your face in place of a cleanser, you'll be boosting the blood flow in your skin and killing off harmful bacteria. You can also spot-treat your acne breakout areas, leave the aloe on overnight, and wash it off in the morning to reduce redness and irritation.